I create photographic services for weddings throughout Tuscany and beyond.

For years I have been used to working and sharing my photos with couples from all over the world and they appreciate my fresh and spontaneous reportage style

My long experience has taught me, throughout the wedding day, to work with great discretion and professionalism but to always be there to capture every moment and leave indelible memories of these very special moments.

“It is my intention to present – through the medium of photography – intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators”

– Ansel Adams

To best convey the story of each wedding, I love to combine color photographs with others in black and white, shooting with both digital and analog cameras.

All photo shoots

Marriage proposal photo shoot

The photo shoot during the marriage proposal is a special moment in which the photographer is in charge of capturing the moment in which the marriage proposal is made. This type of service has become increasingly popular in recent years as many people want to capture the excitement and surprise of that unique moment.

Drone and video service

On the wedding day, upon request, it is possible to carry out an additional drone photography service as well as video shooting with one or more operators, in order to get the most out of memories for this special day.

Couple photo shoot

This service offers a separate photo session for the bride and groom, usually on a date other than the wedding day. The photos are taken in an environment chosen by the spouses, such as a park, a beach or a significant location, to create romantic and intimate images.

Pregnancy and newborn photo shoot

Together with the most beautiful day of one’s life, two other moments are magical and beautiful to photograph. The first is the pregnancy photo shoot, to be done as a couple and/or with the expectant mother alone. They will be memories to keep over time and look at them with tenderness.
The newborn photo shoot is a type of photo shoot that specializes in capturing images of newborns. This type of service focuses on capturing the sweet and tender moments of newborn babies, creating precious memories for parents.
Both services can be performed both in the studio and in any location of your choice.

Photo shoot for eighteenth birthday and events

I create photo shoots for 18th birthdays and for any type of private event. In an era where everyone uses their smartphones to take photographs, calling a professional photographer for your event allows you to have a professional service and to obtain high quality images and memories. I can create a complete service of the entire event even with the aid of artificial lights to create photographic sets or to make your portraits.