Gerardo Gazia

Hi, I’m Gerardo, an Italian-French photographer who has always lived in this region, Tuscany. For me, photography was “love at first sight”, a love that has consolidated more and more over time. I have been dedicating my life to photography of various kinds for years but in particular, I am very pleased to make my passion available to create photo shoots during the most important day of your life: your wedding. I have always had a great interest in the visual arts, in my shots I always try to combine the use of lights and shadows as well as give great importance to the composition in order to convey, in my photographs, all the emotions of this special day.

I dedicate a lot of attention to documenting every aspect of the day: from the preparation of the bride and groom, to details of various kinds, from the ceremony to the celebrations.
Mine is a fresh, spontaneous, very natural style, my lens manages to curiously capture those moments and those unrepeatable emotions that reveal the love and the natural beauty that transpires from it.
During the reportage of the day I always try to be very discreet but at the same time always ready not to miss any important moment and to seize the right moment that makes this day unique.

On the wedding day, the couple shows its spontaneity through emotions, smiles, tears and hugs that I try to portray with sincerity and intuition, trying to cancel the physical space that the camera obviously occupies between me and the bride and groom.
I love my job and above all I love being in contact with people who are always different and also of different nationalities (I don’t know if you want to put that). As a rule, I am always available to meet the bride and groom before their special day, in order to have as much as possible an exchange of ideas on how to best carry out their photo shoot.

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